What a pleasure it was to work with Dana! Our daughter, Jessie, who was born deaf and had just received her cochlear implants was 2 years old when we began our music therapy with Dana. Dana was not only engaging and entertaining with Jessie, but also beyond patient. Music therapy was such an enjoyable way to work on Jessie’s receptive and expressive language, and she loved every minute of it.

Donna, mother of Jessie

I am a teacher’s assistant who is and has been working with Kevin for over 6 years. For me and the student I work one-on-one with, he has been a God send. The student I work with has a very limited vocabulary and a lot of mood swings. With Kevin’s help and hard work, the student’s vocabulary has gotten better and his mood swings have gotten less. As for me, I feel he is the best of the best.

Lola, teacher's assistant

We are the parents of a 17-year-old son with autism. David has very impaired communication abilities and occasionally severe behaviors. Kevin Bolton has been the music therapist for our son, David, for the past six years. As a matter of fact, our son was one of Kevin’s first students when he came to this school system. Over the past six years, David’s communication has improved so much during his work with Kevin. Even when other areas of his academic life have been very difficult, his sessions with Kevin have always been a delight for him.

Through his work with Kevin, David has begun to improve his limited vocabulary and has learned to pronounce some of his words much more clearly. In addition, he is following directions more regularly. Each year when it is time to think of IEP goals for the upcoming school year, the first and most important part of David’s school program that we consider is music therapy with Kevin.

Kevin is truly one of the most talented and dedicated therapists that we have ever worked with, and we would highly recommend him without hesitation to anyone.

Don and Tammy, parents of David

My son has a severe to profound hearing loss and wears hearing aids in both ears. We were very fortunate to have him work with Dana when he was between the ages of 1 and 4. Her music therapy was invaluable in improving the intonation of his speaking voice. He really enjoyed the fun and games and did not even realize he was improving his ability to interpret sounds which helped with his pitch perception. His speech intelligibility has continued to improve and I believe the music therapy was instrumental in his progress.

Trish, mother of Thomas

My son Jackson was a little less than 2 years old when he began music therapy. After numerous ear infections, he had significantly delayed speech. On top of that, he was a rambuncious and energetic little guy, not wanting to sit and “learn” language. Music therapy captured his fleeting attention and engaged him in language that he did not even know he was engaging in! The repetitive songs and catchy tunes helped to foster a desire to learn words so that he could sing with his therapist. He’s been in some kind of speech therapy since that time, but music therapy was what gave him the “jump start” that he needed at that time. He’s now almost 6 years old and we literally can not get him to stop talking!

Laura, mother of Jackson