Music Together Within Therapy™

Through the Music Together Within Therapy™ program, we are able to utilize the Music Together curriculum within individual and small group music therapy sessions. The Music Together song collections provide a rich repertoire of music in which therapeutic skills can be embedded. In addition, research has shown that music learning leads to improvements in children’s cognitive, communication, motor, and social-emotional skills. Check out this article summarizing research findings from Music Together’s preschool program:

Clients will receive the same songbook and recordings that are given in the Family Class. Additional MTWT materials are also available, including slowed down recordings of select songs, graphics for communication boards, and HomePlay sheets for carryover between sessions. Families may also register for Family Classes at the same time as participating in MTWT. Starting a song collection in MTWT before it is used in a Family Class can be a great way to help a child with special needs transition more easily to the group setting.

Music therapy session fees remain the same for MTWT. An additional service fee will be charged for each new song collection used. Contact Dana or Kevin for more information or if you would like to include MTWT in your child’s music therapy sessions.

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