Music Together® Babies Class

Bouncing your baby to the beat of your favorite song, humming the tunes you remember from your childhood: music is so much fun for you and your new baby. And for your son or daughter, it’s more than just a good time—it also supports his development. Babies are alert to the sounds of music and speech even before they are born, and musical interactions with their primary caregivers help them to easily learn the music of their culture and grow into confident music-makers.MTPic23-web

The Music Together® Babies Class:

  • is a one semester introduction to Music Together specifically designed for infants eight months and younger.
  • includes forty-five minutes of singing, dancing, and playing with your child using concepts like “purposeful touch,” “sound layering,” and “dancing for baby” to support musical development and bonding with your baby.
  • uses the same collection as mixed-age and Big Kids classes, enabling a seamless transition for families between class programs.
  • provides a songbook and CD set along with a special Babies Family Guide insert.

As in all our classes, babies with special needs are welcome and encouraged to attend. Due to the nature of the Babies class, it is not appropriate for older siblings, however they may enroll in a Mixed Age class.


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