Birthdays with the Boltons!

Birthdays with the Boltons

Birthdays with the Boltons is a fun and interactive music-making experience for children with and without disabilities. Activities include singing, action songs, dancing, movement activities with parachutes and scarves, instrument playing, musical games, and more. We can tailor the experience to match your party’s theme and your child’s musical preferences. Three weeks advanced booking is required for instrument-making activities and musical party favor bags.

Birthday Party Packages

Sing-Along (30 minutes)  $50
A sing-along with one musician with just a guitar. Can be combined with an instrument-making activity or families can provide instruments or other

Interactive Music Party (45-60 minutes)
Up to 12 children with one musician    $125
Over 12 children with two musicians    $175
Our total package of musical games and activities. We provide all instruments and other materials. Combine with an instrument-making activity or musical
party favor bags for even more fun!

Bucket Brigade Party (60 minutes)   $140
Bucket drumming and egg shaker activities for kids seven years old and older. Get ready to get loud! (Current group size is limited to 8 children.)
Add party favor drum sticks for $3.50 per child.

Travel fee will apply to parties over 20 miles from our location in Murfreesboro.


Add-on Services

Please allow 3 weeks advanced booking for add-on services so we can ensure availability of materials.

Instrument-Making Activities  $25
Instrument-making activities are subject to availability of materials needed. Choices include:

  • Egg shakers made from plastic Easter eggs (limited number of specialty eggs are available for an extra cost)
  • Juice bottle shekere
  • Plastic bottle cap castanets
  • Paper plate ocean drum
  • Cardboard tube rainstick
  • Cardboard tube/craft stick guiro

Musical Party Favor Bags
Our favor bags feature real, high-quality musical instruments. Prices reflect the minimum cost of the bags, based on making 12 bags. Price per bag may be higher for fewer than twelve bags. Prices and instrument availability are subject to change due to changes from our suppliers. All favor bags come in a solid color paper bag (color choices available).

  • Basic Party Favor Bag     $6.00/bag
    • Includes egg shaker, bell clip, kazoo, and castanet
    • For additional cost, choose to add in scarf, slide whistle, tambourine, rhythm sticks, flutophone, harmonica, or slinky pop tube
  • Infant/Toddler Party Favor Bag     $5.50/bag
    • Includes jumbo egg shaker and animal jingle bell
    • For additional cost, add in scarf, baby drum, toddler tambourine, flutophone, or small rainmaker
  • Adaptive Party Favor Bag    $7.00/bag
    • Includes wrist egg shaker, wrist jingles, and bell clip
    • For additional cost, add in scarf, monster guitar pick, or adaptive drum mallet

Favor bags can be further customized to match your party theme, preferences, and budget.